3 Reasons a Watch Will Elevate Your Travel Style (with JORD)


The Accessory of the Summer: A Watch by JORD

I have a few rules when I travel, one of the most important being ONLY BRING A CARRY-ON. I cannot stress this out enough! Not only is this the most cost efficient way to travel since many airlines charge an extra fee for checking in a bag, it is also the simplest. Ever try catching a train in a foreign country while lugging around a large bag? I have, and I do not recommend it. Now ladies, I 100% understand your concern when you hear “CARRY-ON ONLY”… I get it. If you were like past me, you’re probably thinking “that’s impossible, I have too many outfits and accessories that I want to photograph at these amazing locations”. I’m about to make it really simple for you. Forget packing your accessories the next time you travel. If you want to appear like the smart, savvy traveler that you are, you only need a watch. Here are 3 reasons why a watch will elevate your travel style…


When you’re limited to a carry-on, every single item you bring on your trip has to be of optimal functionality. Take it from an ex over packer. You don’t need EVERYTHING you think you do. When I pack, I often think to myself “do I need to bring this? If so, how many times will I use this item?”. It’s sort of the Marie Kondo method of packing light.

A watch is something that you will probably not even put in your bag. It’s something you will wear on your wrist for the entirety of your trip. Why? Because it’s functional! It’s not a bracelet that you may or may not want to pair with outfit A or outfit B.

When picking out a watch, I tend to go for something that is a multi-purpose statement, meaning it’s unique enough to be a fashionable accessory, but it has basic elements that matches with any outfit easily.


Leading in to point number 2 - the right watch will set you up for fashionable success! Travel fashion is different from day-to-day wear. You want to wear something that is comfortable, flattering, but simple all at the same time! You also want to pack pieces that you could get multiple uses out of. It’s unlikely that your accessories will go with every single outfit you’ve prepared for your trip unless they’re incredibly minimal. This is where JORD comes in. I’ll be the first to admit that a watch is my preferred accessory. There’s something so sophisticated, professional and timeless about wearing a watch. Compared to others I’ve seen, JORD watches are definitely the most unique.

First of all, they specialize in crafting wood watches. Second, they are sustainable and ethical. This is a huge for me as you all know, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be a conscientious consumer. JORD is passionate about sustainability and efficiency, which to me is a win-win. Third, most of their watches are customizable so you can mix and match different faces and wood, and have the backplate engraved ! How cool is that?



A huge issue with travel fashion is how to NOT dress like a tourist. Of course this differs from location to location, but if you dress like a tourist, you run the risk of drawing some unwanted attention from pickpockets. This is a huge problem particularly if you’re traveling to Europe. When it comes to accessories, the pieces that draw the most attention tend to be jewelry. Rings, bracelets, even earrings! I’ve heard horror story of a woman having her diamond studs snatched right off her earlobes in Athens!

A JORD watch is something you can wear comfortably whether you’re roaming the streets of Paris, or exploring the rice fields in Bali. It’s the perfect way to dress up while not drawing unwanted attention to yourself.


When it comes to fashion, I love eye-catching, unique pieces that does not draw too much attention. As a traveler, every item I choose to pack has to be an item that I’ll use throughout my trip. My JORD watch from the Frankie series in dark sandalwood and smoke, is a unique piece that not only makes a bold fashion statement, but also a statement to beautiful, affordable, sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

This is why I’ve collaborated with JORD to offer a $100 giveaway towards your very own JORD watch! In addition, every entrant will receive a 10% discount code. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is click my link www.jordwatches.com/g/laviedeclare and enter your email!

Good luck to you all and I can’t wait to see how you style your JORD watch!

Till next time